What to expect

We have a tried and tested system in place to ensure that the claims that are received are given a rapid response. This enables us in returning your (the insured) life back to normal as quickly as possible and with limited frustrations to family activities.


CCP Remedial will inspect the damage to your property and provide a report to your Insurer that includes:

  • Photos and relevant details of your property affected by the damage.
  • Our recommendations for the repair, replacement or rebuild required to fix the damage.
  • A recommended scope of works of the repairs.
  • If an emergency make safe service is needed, we can organise this straight away even without waiting for the approval from the insurance company.
    This is to ensure the property is made safe until the repairs are completed,

Your Insurer will review our report and any other supporting documentation we provide. They will use this information to decide

  • If your claim for the damage was caused by an insured event and can be accepted under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.
  • If the scope of works accurately and adequately reflects the damage caused by the insured event.

If your Insurer accepts your claim and decides to repair the damage, CCP Remedial will allocate your repair to one of our helpful Repairs Coordinators who will coordinate your repair and be your point of contact for the duration of your works. We will also:

  • Provide you with a scope of works to review and accept.
  • Collect any excess applicable to the policy before commencing works.
  • Coordinate our tradespeople to arrange a day and time with you to start the reapairs.
  • If temporary accommodation is required, your Insurer will organise this for you (depending on your policy).